Brushing Cats Teeth

Brushing cats teeth is recommended for good cat teeth care but before we start this page there is one important thing that we need to clarify...


You must buy both toothpaste and a toothbrush that is specifically designed of cats.

Brushing your cat’s teeth must be something introduced into your cat’s life as a kitten. An adult cat that is introduced to brushing will often resent the toothbrush therefore it must be accepted from a young age.

Step By Step Guide to Brushing your Cats Teeth

Step 1: Even with a kitten this process can be easier said than done. It is recommended with clean hands putting your finger in cat food or tuna water and touch your cats teeth and in his mouth. This will get your cat used to having unnatural things in his mouth. Gently rub it over your cat’s gums and around the teeth. Don’t use force and when your cat has lost his patience give up. It is important that your cat doesn’t resent the brush as a kitten.

Step 2: Try progressing onto a tooth brush with liquid from your cats food or tuna water. This will not only taste good but get your cat used to having the toothbrush in his mouth. Let your cat lick the brush and get used to the strange object. Again know when to stop this must be an easy process that booth you and your cat enjoy. Continue the process for many days.

Step 3: Next buy a toothpaste designed for cats and put it on the brush and into your cats mouth. Let him get used to the strange item and don’t brush straight away. Continue the process for many days also following the previous step with cat food.

Now your cat will be used to booth the tooth paste and the tooth brush, we are ready for brushing.

Step 4: gently brush the teeth in slow circular motions starting at the back and around the front to the back again. Booth the top and bottom set on canines should be done. When your cat becomes irritable stop and try again later in the day.

Unlike humans this doesn’t need to be done every day but a weekly brush is recommended for healthy cat teeth. You need to make the process of brushing cats teeth fun and praise your cat. He needs to associate brushing teeth with good times so always know when to stop! Always insure your cat has access to fresh water.

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