British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is a medium sized cat native to Great Britain. This cat was brought to the UK by the Romans and since has become the most popular breed of cat in the United Kingdom. They are well proportioned in size and have a thick short coat. This thickness was introduced into the breed when the original roman shorthairs were bred with the Persian cat.

Appearance This breed is a medium boned medium sized cat with strong muscles. Its head and legs are proportionate in size to the body. They have round heads and medium sized wide set ears on top of the skull. Males are generally larger than females. The British Shorthair is smaller in size and weight to its American Shorthair cousins.

Colour This breed come in most known cat colours and patterns including, solid, mackerel tabby, classic tabby and tortoiseshell.

Temperament This is an intelligent and active breed that requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If kept indoors it is imperative that they receive the physical activity needed to burn off those calories and if they don’t they may become obese and depressed. This is a loving yet independent breed that enjoys human companionship and family affection while also maintaining its independent natural instincts. They make fantastic family pets.

Health The American Shorthair is a healthy cat that has no known specific health issues.

The Cat Guide Scorecard Appearance 4/5 Stress Caused if left alone 3/5 Stress Caused if kept indoors 4/5 Activity Levels 5/5

This is a great affectionate and intelligent breed of cat that makes a fantastic family pet. They are high in energy levels and will crave physical attention and mental stimulation. This breed will normally get on well with other cats which will help stimulate their natural instincts and burn of some energy. They are the most common pedigree cat in the United Kingdom for a reason , and are sweet by nature.

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