Bombay Cat

The Bombay Cat or the British Bombay/American Bombay as it is sometimes known is a medium sized short haired cat breed that is a relative of the Burmese Cat. They were formed as a result of breeding between the American/British Shorthair and the Burmese. The result is a cat with a jet black coat and orange eyes similar to a panther.

Bombay Appearance

The bombay cat is an elegant medium sized breed similar in body shape to the Burmese. They have a short coat that should be soft to touch. Bombays have a medium sized muscular yet well proportioned body with slender medium length legs and a medium sized tail. The triangular head has large wide set ears and large golden eyes (although both yellow and green are accepted by most breed standards)

Bombay Colour

This breed should only come in black to show a similar appearance to the panther or a magicians cat!

Bombay Temperament

This breed is famous for it's dog like personality and therefore are very friendly and affectionate towards humans. This is an intelligent breed that likes to play and crave human attention. The Bombay makes a fantastic lap cap as they are heat sensitive so don’t like cold weather. If kept indoors which is common in the bombay breed they should receive adequate physical and mental stimulation to satisfy there instincts and energy levels. Bombay’s are known to be independent and don’t always get along well with other cat breeds.

Bombay Health

We are not aware of any specific health issues associated with this breed.

Bombay Summary

This is a fantastic family pet that love human attention. They can quite easily become a lap cat due to there need for heat and you will often find a Bombay getting in your bed at night to keep warm. They are affectionate and intelligent yet can be aloof towards other cats however have been known to get on well with dogs.

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