The Balinese Cat

The Balinese Cat is a human created breed that derives from the short haired Siamese of South East Asia. The Balinese in contrast to their asian cousins actually originate from the USA and controlled breeding started in the 1950's. The breed are famous for their semi long haired coats but they maintain the Siamese's beautiful colour point colouring and bone structure.

Balinese Appearance

This is a stunning breed that are quite spectacular in appearance. They are medium in size and are slender boned with long bodies similar to their Siamese cousins. The difference to the Siamese is they have a long silky coat that is soft to touch. This breed again like the Siamese have lovely blue eyes.

Balinese Colour

This breed come in all Siamese point colours. Like the Siamese the Balinese have an enzyme mutation which is why they have dark patches on their fur. This enzyme effects the melanin production. This enzyme is affected by heat which means the hot parts of the body i.e. the body are light in colour and the cool parts of the body i.e. tail, legs and head are dark in colour.

Balinese Temperament

This breed have a very similar temperament to the Siamese. They are intelligent, inquisitive and love to get into trouble!!! Because of their playful nature they normally enjoy human and other cats company. They will also like to socialise with your friends and neighbours if let outside. This is a vocal breed and like the Siamese will be moaning and groaning when they don't get their own way.

Balinese Health Issues

This breed is generally healthy and live a long life in comparison to other cats, the average life span is about 19 years. There have been cases of cancer in this breed however this is not as serious as in the Siamese and in general this is a healthy cat.

The Cat Guide Scorecard

★ Appearance 5/5

★ Grooming Maintenance 4/5

★ Distress if Left Alone 3/5

★ Distress if Kept in Doors 3/5

★ Activity Levels 4/5

Balinese Summary

This is a lovely intelligent cat that craves human attention. They are very close in appearance to their Siamese cousins with the exception on their plush long coat. If you want a clever inquisitive breed that love human attention the Balinese Cat may be the breed for you.

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