American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair Cat is a medium sized short haired breed of cat native to the USA. The breed was brought to the USA by British sailors that used the cats to control rodents on their ships. Although similar to its British Shorthair ancestors the breed is classified as a separate breed and are slightly larger than the British shorthair.

America Shorthair Appearance

Since their introduction to the United States this breed have been breed to be larger and more muscular than its British relatives. They are a semi large breed with a sturdy bone structure and are well proportionate in appearance, although males are larger than females. They have a round head with round eyes and large wide set ears at the top of the skull. The breed has a thick yet short even coat surrounding their body.

American Shorthair Colour

This breed come in most known cat colours and patterns including, solid, mackerel tabby, classic tabby and tortoiseshell.

American Shorthair Temperament

This is an intelligent and active breed that requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If kept indoors it is imperative that they receive the physical activity needed to burn off those calories and if they don’t they may become obese and depressed. This is a loving yet independent breed that enjoys human companionship and family affection while also maintaining its independent natural instincts. They make fantastic family pets.

American Shorthair Health

The American Shorthair is a healthy cat that has no known specific health issues.

The Cat Guide Scorecard

Appearance 4/5

Stress Caused if left alone 3/5

Stress Caused if kept indoors 4/5

Activity Levels 5/5

American Shorthair Summary

This is a great affectionate and intelligent breed of cat that makes a fantastic family pet. They are high in energy levels and will crave physical attention and mental stimulation. This breed will normally get on well with other cats which will help stimulate their natural instincts and burn of some energy.

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