American Curl Cat

The American Curl Cat is a semi long haired breed of cat that originates from California, USA. This breed is famous for its unique ears that curl back towards their back, hence their name, American Curl!

America Curl Appearance

The america curl is generally a semi long haired breed although short haired american curls are becoming more common and are known as the 'short haired curl'. They both have a silky fur coat that is soft to touch. They are a medium sized cat with a medium bone structure. The breed are most famous for their unique curled ears that lie on top of their head and curl 90-180 degrees back away from the face toward their back.

American Curl Colours

This breed come in all known cat colours.

American Curl Temperament

The america curl is a sweet natured breed that love human attention. They have intelligence in abundance and love to play. They are known to remain kitten like through adulthood. This is an affectionate breed that crave human companionship therefore american curls require a lot of attention and do not do well in a house if left alone.

American Curl Health Issues

This is quite a new breed and at present they have know known health issues.

The Cat Guide Scorecard

Appearance 5/5

Stress if left alone 4/5

Stress if kept indoors 3/5

Activity levels 3/4

Grooming requirement 2/5

American Curl Summary

This is a beautiful cat breed that make a fantastic pet and love human attention. They are extremely affectionate, faithful and love human attention. Despite the long haired curls thick coat they are easy to groom as have a silky double coat that doesn't usually matt. The short haired cat or short haired curl also have a silky coat and are also easy to groom. This is a great pet breed for owners that want a affectionate long haired breed that requires only moderate grooming.

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