Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian Cat is a short haired cat breed that originated from north east Africa around the coast of the Indian Ocean. The exact source of the Abyssinian is unknown however ancient Egyptian art indicates they may have come from Egypt. This breed is known for its distinctive ticked coat. This is one of the most popular short-haired cat breed in the United States of America.

Abyssinian Appearance

This breed is of medium size with a fine bone structure. They have a short/medium fur coat that is dense and feels silky to touch. They have a broad head with large pointed ears. Abys have relatively small paws in comparison to their body.

Abyssinian Colours

The ‘Usual’ native colour for this breed is a sandy brown with black tickings. Over the years breeding has developed different colours which maintain the black ticking. For example Sorrel (cinnamon), Fawn , Blue, Red, Cream and Tortoiseshell.

Abyssinian Temperament

Abys are an extremely intelligent cat breed. Although they are very loving to humans they are known to be an independent breed and love to explore on there own. This means they are not great ‘lap cats’ and can seem ‘uptight’ if smothered too much. They do however love to spend time playing with humans and a strong relationship can be formed through playtime. Playing and games show off abyssinians excellent hunting skills, if they are let outside they will often bring home presents for their owners. It is very important if Abys are kept indoors to stimulate their hunting instincts. Abyssinians will crave this attention and will get bored and develop psychological problems if not stimulated.

The Cat Guide Rating

★ Appearance 5/5

★ Stress Caused if left alone 2/5

★ Stress Caused if kept indoors 5/5

★ Activity Levels 5/5

Abyssinian Summary

This is a great breed of cat with a lot of history. Although not all abyssinians come across as an affectionate breed they are an affectionate breed that crave physical attention. Abyssinians may not show there gratitude through a cuddle on the sofa but they will be very grateful for all the attention they get and need. Potential abyssinian owners are recommended to read our stimulations for cats page

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