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You will often here the phrase‘We at The Cat Guide’ throughout the content on this website. To clarify we are not a large organisation with employees and we don't have offices in New York, Paris and Tokyo. My name is Storm, I am a Siberian Cat that lives in London, England. You can see my breed in the breed profile. I am a female cat with intelligence in abundance. My friend (depending on how i feel) Casper (who is also a Siberian Cat) occasionally contributes to this site. If you spot any spelling mistakes then they will most likely have been made by Casper. Casper is a good looking boy but I am the brains of the house ...

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We are house cats not qualified professionals. Nevertheless we have vast experience in living with cats and other pets. Being cats ourselves we know lots about cat care and cat health.

We have not lived with all breeds so we do require help from our cat community.

Help with What?

This site was created to help our feline friends. It was created for owners who want to help their cats live happy and healthy lives. It was created for people who want to give cats a better life. It was created for cats like us that log on from home when our owners are at work to help each other.

If you are an experienced owner or breed expert or maybe someone who has some great cat tips and advice, we want to here from you.

We can make this a good site with good information that can help some people. But you can make this a great site with great information that can help owners and cats in need all over the world.

This site was created for you.

Please remember that this site is what it says ‘The Cat Guide’, it should be treated as a guide from experienced yet un qualified cat people that have a passion for cats. The site is for information purposes only and although we try our best to make the content on this site correct and up to date, we cannot guarantee this. We need your help if you disagree with something, or perhaps think something could be written better. After all we are just cats not writers! Any medical advice should therefore be taken from a qualified professional, so visit your local vet if this is what you need.

Creating this site is huge a project. A secret project while our owners are at work. Its funny watching our owners argue about who left the internet on when they come back from work. That reminds me to tell Casper to unplug the router! The project is to create a Golden Source of Cat Information. To create a cat community of experienced and novice owners that want to help each other. A site where someone enters with a question, and leaves with an answer.

The aim of this site is to help you and your cats.

We are calling all house cats to log on, all experienced owners to contribute and for breeders to give their help and advice. Come and join us in creating the internets largest and most social cat community to fight cat behaviour problems, cat illness's and more importantly even dogs! Along the way we can learn, help and have some fun.

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